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    Armin VansArmin Vans

    I am using full width post template, whenever i add video, it automatically takes 100% width of the post, but i always try to maintain 650px width for images in my post. videos looks little awkward in posts, is there any way, i could attribute video width as per my requirement?

    AvatarAndre Dubus

    What is the optimal image size for me to upload to wordpress that would look great for all images around the site?

    I also would like to set the Media Settings in WordPress to the proper ratios. For Thumbnail, Medium Size and Large Size. What should this be?

    AvatarJohn Caius

    All parameters are fine. I’m able to reproduce the bug on 3 different installations. 100 % sure the error is related to the 6.7 update. Disabled every single plugin and even did a clean WP install with no plugins to be absolutely sure.

    Tested on:

    Apache 2.2 + mysql 5.5 + php 5.3
    Apache 2.4 + mysql 5.6 + php 5.5
    Apache 2.4 + MariaDB 10.x + php 7.0.4

    On every setup new sidebar content will not be saved to a sidebar created after the 6.7 update.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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