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It is our please to welcome you back in the ultimate private dreamland nest!

The new spirit of luxury, clean and comfortable has been prepared for you to be experienced!


The Paradise of Valley presents a numerous lavish vacation villas from where you can choose which one suits your needs.

Rooms & Suites

Our rooms & suites are special made for every style, space, view, all-new interiors, perfect retreat for couples, families.

Spa & Fitness

Let's go on a journey to heal your mind, body and soul in a spacious, clean and safe place to be.

Dining with us

The spaces are more private, friendly and great services which encompass a jade bar, outdoor bar, luxurious and snug restaurants.


What you can explore here? Kayaks, Scuba Diving, Seaplane, Sunset Sailing, Sky Dive, Off Road Adventures, Private Yacht Clubs.


Warm breezes, magic view and the fragrance of flowers can be there for your unique moment near your partner.

Special Offers

Choose your perfect vacation package based on your expectations and budget.