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Paired with breathtaking views, the abundant dining possibilities at Dreamland Nest guarantee unforgettable, multi-sensory culinary experiences.

The Restaurant

Our luxurious and snug indoor restaurant is open for you 24/7 and can be a choice to enjoy your meal.

Nestled close to the ocean’s shore. The choice of location is yours, as intimate indoor and outdoor seating is available along with dreamy beachside tables. For those desiring a private experience, our award-winning service redefines in-room dining.

Signature Dish

Due to dedicated preparation time, the Chef’s Table experience is available only on specific nights for a special signature dish.

You pick the location. We make it perfect. Dine on the beach, as waves lap the sand. Sip drinks under the stars. Watch our chef create a culinary masterpiece just for your table. All things are possible in your personal paradise.

Outdoor places

A special meal in a special place chosed by you and your mate, prepared by our staff.