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Management Plugin

Newspaper theme brings you an awesome tool to grow your online business. Easily create memberships for downloading new software, online services, courses, video tutorials, or member directories with a few clicks.

Lock Content restrictions

Accept payment for content, video, podcasts, and more. You decide what content is available for free and which is the paid-only level.

Generate leads & conversions

Easily grow your email list, get more subscribers, generate more leads, and increase sales. Export users' emails to support your marketing efforts!

Unlimited subscription plans

With the tagDiv Opt-in Builder you can create as many subscription plans as your business needs. Give free access or multiple paid membership plans.

Membership Management

Quickly create a complete membership with unique pricing and content access on multiple levels. Manage users in a custom interface designed for you.


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Designed with and for digital entrepreneurs

The tagDiv Opt-In Builder is the result of a close collaboration with successful content creators. We've started this prolific partnership with our customers to understand what they need to grow their passion into a business.

Their everyday interactions with Newspaper Theme inspired us to develop this complex yet easy-to-use solution to get paid for your work.

Create and customize content lockers for full or partial articles, assign the right membership plan, or give free trial access to your premium one. Export members and support your marketing efforts with just a few clicks. It's powerful, intuitive, and customizable.

Who is Opt-In Builder perfect for?

From startups, journalists, apps & content creators to personal blogs, everyone can now enjoy it!

Content Creators

Journalists, bloggers, marketing agencies, educational trainers, and more. You are all welcome to the party. Easily lock your content and power up your site. It's time to start getting paid for your excellent content!

Creative Startups

Startups, small businesses, NGO, organizations, and more. Your growing community is ready to become more. Create members-only product discounts, premium access, get donations and sponsorships for your ideas!

Service Subscription

eCommerce digital & non-digital goods businesses and entrepreneurs. Creating recurring buyers and keeping them engaged is now a few clicks away. Easily offer product subscriptions or members-only product discounts!

App & Soft business

Free trial for a few days, or paid trial for a month? Offer product, app, or services. Create special incentives for your clients to test your products without requiring them to commit to the full price before they are ready.

Unlimited Free & Paid Plans

Create as many subscription plans as you need on your website. For example, you can offer your audience a free, timed trial, and paid subscription levels. Create one-time access, free forever, trial for seven days, paid monthly & paid yearly plans, or any other combination. It’s easy to set up a membership level, associate a customized locker, and a subscriber list.

There’s no need to pay for expensive plugins. With the tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin, you can create precise plans to target specific audiences that will grow your website. We’ve added all the tools you need in the Newspaper Theme for you to enjoy. Try it today!

Engaging Content Lockers

Generate leads, increase conversion rates and subscribers with opt-in content lockers and subscription lists. With tagDiv Opt-In Builder, you can easily create content lockers to give your visitors a compelling reason to unlock your content.

You can create multiple subscriber lists and design the content locks with web designer precision. Change design, texts, fonts, colors, call to action messages. Everything is fully customizable. Even more, you can restrict access to full articles or tease your audience by locking the most exciting part of your post.

Create subscribers lists, assign them to the lockers and export the email addresses in another system to help your marketing efforts. Yes! It’s that easy!

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Payment Integrations Made Easy

Getting paid for your content is easier than ever! The Newspaper theme with the tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin gives you all the needed tools. First, activate the plugin, run the Setup Wizard and fill in your details. Then, whatever you choose to be paid via direct payment (bank transfer) or PayPal, each subscription is just a click away.

We've designed an easy to set up and use system. One-time, Monthly, or Annual payments? We've got you covered! The flexible system helps you create the perfect solution for your website. We've also created a way of tracking the conversions outside of your website and sending data to your Google Analytics. Start getting paid with a few clicks!

Membership Management

Welcome to the operational center of your subscription. The management interface gives you a clear overview of all your website subscriptions. It shows you all the relevant status like the active period, memberships about to expire, and the one still on pending payment.

Your company information and subscription data are safely saved in your website database. You have all the data neatly organized in a single place. Try it now!

How does it work

Start easy - Install the free WordPress plugin

tagDiv Opt-In Builder just got radically improved to give brand new functionality. Update your Newspaper Theme to the latest version and install the tagDiv Opt-In Builder. A whole new world of opportunities to generate revenue is waiting for you!

Dedicated Plans

Customizable Content lockers

Customer email & info lists (leads)

Offer Free trial option

Easy Wizard Setup

Create your content restrictions

With the tagDiv Opt-In Builder, you can create as many subscription plans as your business needs. Follow the wizard to get started. It will take you through all the steps, and you'll be ready to monetize your website before you know it. Unlocking your product value with shortcodes for the customers' subscription plans is the key to success.

Your company info

Payment Method

Create and add Subscription Plans

Multiple Content Lockers

Membership Subscription Dashbord

Decide how you get paid

You can now focus on creating your content, not on handling complicated technical systems. We've designed the system to be easy to set up and use for you. When using the tagDiv Opt-In Builder, you can get paid via bank transfer or PayPal by activating the desired payment method. Monthly or Annual payments, when the payment is confirmed, you can manually activate the subscription. You have complete control!

Simple and Straightforward Payment

Bank Tranfer


Flexible Payments

Monthly or Annual Subscription Plans

Data stored in your website

Optimize and grow your business

Explore the membership subscription software on your website with tagDiv Opt-In Builder. You have fully customizable functionality, unlimited plans, and two simple-to-use payment methods. Find the golden recipe that works on your audience and start generating revenue on your website!

User Dashboard

Customize everything

Expand and automatize

Automatize with PayPal

Explore beautiful websites

Get inspired to create awesome subscriptions with the tagDiv Opt-In Builder plugin

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