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One shortcode: Unlimited possibilities

Newspaper theme version 11.4 brings you a unique shortcode that allows you to add custom content in a modal pop-up window to give visitors reasons to click on it. Create new and engaging interactions on your website!

Fly-out menus

Create sophisticated and trendy menus with ease. You can even design it as a page and use it as a menu. All the options you may need are already built it!


Display your subscription plans at the right time! The new smart pop-up has a timer for interactions to show content only after capturing visitors’ attention.

Pop-up Ads

Generating more revenue with pop-up ads has never been easier. You can create ads or promotions and make sure they are loved by your visitors!

Custom Pages

Get more subscribers, generate more leads, and increase sales. Anything good for a page can now be a pop-up. Boost your marketing efforts!


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Smooth Fly-out menus

Designing the perfect fly-out menu no longer includs long work hours and heavy customizations. Instead, you have an intelligent modal pop-up created in the Newspaper Theme to give you all the positions and slick animation effects. You can create the content for the menu and add it to the pop-up in just a few minutes.

Engaging Subscriptions

Timing the right moment to display your membership plans is now easy! You can display content to capture visitors’ attention and display the subscription when they are ready to see it. In addition, the new smart pop-up can time interactions so you can decide when it shows up and how long it should be active.

Pop-up Advertisements

Design stunning calls to action, ads, and promotions like never before. You can now have pop-up ads and promotion exactly where you need them, without coding skills. Choose a specific behavior for each ad, combine banner ads with pop-up ones. Get creative with advertisements on your website and increase your revenue!

Inviting Custom Pages

Do you have a specific message that requires more than the classical title, text, field, and button for your audience? Maybe some magic touch to support your marketing efforts? We’ve got you covered! Create a page to benefit from the powerful tagDiv Composer page builder and add it to the smart pop-up. Yeah! Marketing made easy!

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